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This website was created to tell you about the services that I offer as a Postpartum Doula.  I have been working for new moms for over 17 years as a postpartum doula in the Gatineau/Ottawa area, specializing with families of twins. I love the opportunity to help and share with new moms about my experience, tricks, joys and struggles of motherhood as a form of support and encouragement.

Now, I also offer these services to families that have one baby, as I have come to realize that nowadays a lot of new moms out there struggle in different ways even with just one baby.

In the generation of our grandmothers, when a new baby was born, grandmothers, aunts and neighbors used to rally together and help the new mom during the 40 days after the birth with baby care, respite care,meals etc... Nowadays moms are having babies later in life, their relatives are unable to help because they live out of town or are unable physically to help and the times have changed, so the need for the help outside of family can become a resource and a need for some moms. My passion is to work with new moms as much as working and taking care of those bundles of joy. I love to pour tenderness on both mom and baby.


What does a postpartum Doula do for the new mom and her family?

A postpartum Doula mainly helps the parents learn to care for and integrate with their newborn. The teaching that a Doula does usually builds the confidence of the parents, allowing them to care for their newborn independently, very quickly. Many postpartum Doulas have experience with multiples, premature babies and “fussy” babies. A postpartum Doula can also help with breastfeeding, community resources and informational support for family decisions. The main focus of postpartum Doula care is helping the parents integrate the baby into the family.

How many hours can a postpartum doula come in for? 

Most postpartum doulas work 4-8 hours per day. Some postpartum doulas may work different hours. Most doulas attempt to work around your families’ needs.

How long can a postpartum doula work with a family?

It is most usual to have a postpartum doula work in your home for a 4-8 hour shift a couple of days per week. The usual postpartum period is 6 weeks but a doula can come in at anytime, from helping in the hospital after a cesarean birth, with a premature infant or if the family needs support for any number of other reasons. The DONA position paper “The Postpartum Doulas Role in Maternity Care” refers to the fourth trimester (3 months) maybe a little beyond that for a preemie.  There have been postpartum doulas that have continued working with families for up to two years. Some families require a lot of support (premature babies or multiples) and there is sometimes a need to hire around the clock help. Around the clock care would involve multiple postpartum doulas and could be planned with a team. Some families require one short visit and they feel that they can do the rest on their own.




Website launched

06/08/2014 02:48
My new website has been launched today. I started this website to reach expecting and new families....